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Need to Save Your Customers’ Time? Choose the Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin!

Do you want your customers to purchase every time they visit your online store and feel happy and satisfied? Sometimes a buyer wastes his time viewing hundreds of products to find a needed thing and forgets about the magic power of a filter (which is a tool that sorts and selects products by the specified criteria). The most important thing is that such a filter must function seamlessly and not to slow your website performance.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

WooCommerce vs Shopify Comparison version 2019

Nowadays we can't imagine our life without online shopping. Everyone wants to have a successful business and reach as many potential clients as possible, whether it’s a small local store or a large multivendor. And e-commerce has made it easier than ever before. The qualitative, flexible, easy in use and quite cost-efficient software can help you grow your sales and boost your brand visibility. If you are the owner of a store and still doubt what e-commerce platform to choose, this article will be a helpful read.  Here, we'll talk about two most popular e-commerce platforms - Shopify and WooCommerce.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

WooCommerce Review. Is Woocommerce Good for Large Online Stores?

 In this article, I’d like to generally describe essential features and requirements for the creation of a large online store and provide full WooCommerce Review. Having the experience of working with thousands of such stores developed on our platform and after researching a great number of various technologies and their toolkits, we came up with a list of must-have features that most online shopping platforms need in order to sell successfully.We’ll provide a review of the features that are included in the WooCommerce core and we’ll also suggest some additional plugins or settings for it to achieve its best performance results.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

Top 5 WooCommerce Pros and Cons Everybody is Talking About

 While analysing  Woocommerce and WordPress features, their market place, documentation and software users’ feedback and at the same time comparing them with the e-commerce platform that we’ve developed on Code Igniter, we’ve pinpointed some of the most popular WooCommerce pros and cons one can face while developing a store on these technologies. Interested? Then go on reading.Our team challenges the five major issues (which you’ll learn about by reading further) and we’ll deal with them in the first place on our way to the perfect Woocommerce solution as described in our roadmap.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

WooCommerce vs OpenCart Comparison

 WooCommerce vs OpenCart comparison is a part of our big research focused on the comparison of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web.
Ivan Pylypchuk

WooCommerce vs Prestashop Comparison

 The WooCommerce vs Prestashop comparison is a part of our big research focused on the comparison of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web.This technology is very similar to Magento, and in fact, the audiences of these two technologies intersect. Therefore, we’re skipping the description of the points that are similar to Magento’s, just duplicating their scores. However, unlike Magento, Prestashop is less suitable for very large enterprise stores and has some special characteristics.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

WooCommerce vs Magento Comparison

 The WooCommerce vs Magento comparison is a part of our big research focused on the comparison of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web.Magento is considered to be the most popular platform for enterprise e-commerce projects, but after WooCoommerce its second most popular e-commerce platform in the world.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

WooCommerce vs Store Developed From Scratch Comparison

 The comparison of the WooCommerce store vs the framework based store is a part of our research and it is focused on the analysis of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web. We had a close look at Symfony as it is now considered to be the most functional php based framework.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

What is WooCommerce? Comparison and Detailed Overview.

 This is the first article in our research project that is focused on question - "What is WooCommerce" and comparison of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web.This article will cover the findings of a bit unusual research as its focus would be not on the general features of WooCommerce and its users’ experience, but on the developers’ view on  technology and issues that they tackle when launching online stores based on it. Originally, this analysis had been carried out for our inner use prior to our determination to launch our own WooCommerce based solution. We assume this research would be of some interest to other experienced e-commerce developers or to those ones who are just  about to start  their way.
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Ivan Pylypchuk

What clients say about Premmerce

Premmerce team are great at their job and we’ll continue to work with them. They are responsive and offer a great customer service! Our Project Manager has perfect communication and collaboration skills, and regularly comes up with some smart suggestions/options that move things forward.
Riley Pearcy
They deeply care about their customers — you can trust Premmerce. A highly talented team that doesn't quit until you're satisfied. Communication skills and problem solving are exactly what Premmerce's strength are. We are happy with the result they have delivered and will work again on the next phase. Thank you!
The entire Premmerce team is truly amazing. They understand the business cases and are able to thoroughly translate those into technical deliverables. Their communication is superb and you will not need to go back and forth on trivial matters. Additionally, they are able to suggest very helpful alternative routes or solutions when necessary.
Rommie Mercer
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