Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter

This plugin is a convenient and flexible tool for managing filters for WooCommerce products

Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter Features

Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter plugin is a convenient and flexible tool for managing filters for WooCommerce products. Among the main features of this plugin there is a single widget that manages the display of all available filters. Comparing to the standard WooCommerce filters, Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter has a well thought out caching system for the load speed improving. Product Filter Plugin also helps to increase SEO ranking position by SEO-rules which restricts indexation for the “empty” filters pages and filter results.

The only plugin you need for managing your WooCommerce Filter

Single widget for all filters
Single widget for all filters

Displaying all available filters using a single widget

Filter the search results
Filter the search results

An option to filter search results

Deferred loading
Deferred loading

Optimize page load speed by loading filter deferred

Ajax filter
Ajax filter

Showing filtering results without reloading the page

Colors and Lables
Colors and Labels

Possibility to show filters in the form of color check boxes or lables

Deferred loading
Displaying only available attributes

Displaying only available attributes depending on the category

Custom taxonomies
Custom taxonomies

You can use any custom taxonomy for filtering your products

Preloader for Filter

Show an animated icon with the “Load deferred” on to hold the site visitor’s attention, it’s always better than the blank space.

Displaying only available attributes
All filters you need in one solution

Also includes filter by price, active filters widget, brands widget

Allow for searching not only by the name but also by the category icon. To use the function to your advantage, you need to assign an image to certain terms of attributes. Once it’s done, the filters interface becomes intuitive and user-friendly.

Lead the customers straight to the “bang for their buck” offers. The ability to look for the bargains and products that are available right now for the order is exactly what they need and appreciate.

Let people make sure that they are getting the real deal. Nothing convinces more than other buyers’ opinions and this filter provides such information to show the top-rated products leaving the other ones out of the picture.

Ensure multi-language support for your resource. Make it possible to switch to the native language AND the subject of necessity and turn the e-store into a powerhouse for a smooth filtering out process.

This element of design plays two important roles: structuring and aesthetics-keeping. With a lot of information on the website, you need both for a sleek site navigation menu. Putting it into the order calls for some hierarchy and flexibility for the user to see only what he requested. The other data is better to be hidden with the hoverable dropdowns. They allow for displaying related information in more detail, without cluttering up a large number of buttons, text, and parameters. It helps with a clean and neat overall look.

It’s no fun to have a standardized thing that looks just like any other. More importantly, it’s of little value for you. The CSS field, added to the plugin’s settings, lets you play with colors, fonts, and type sizes to create a distinctively styled webpage. Have an experiment and see how subtly yet powerful the perception changes. The general impression is about these slight adjustments. Once you’ve found your formula, it’s a no-brainer to replicate it with analogical CSS coding, which is easier than it sounds.

Choose the custom styles for every element of the filter, be it price slider or checkbox. You can add borders, switch colors, and pick a preferred appearance for the filter’s title. The consistent design is important for details like these, they form a user experience as a whole.

You decide how your filter appears, including those coming with the shortcodes. Style, background, and border colors, bold or standard – any option is on the table to keep the aesthetics true to your vision.

The only filter plugin that has all you need for the SEO Settings

Generating pages with a clean URL
Generating pages with a clean URL
Generating pages with a Clean URL based on the selected category + brand + attribute (you can specify an unlimited number of attributes)
Creating landing pages based on filters
Creating landing pages based on filters
The WooCommerce Product Filter Premium allows you to create landing pages based on the choice of filter configuration. The rule that generates these pages consists of the following elements: Category (you can choose any category in the store for which the attributes have been assigned) + Brand (if the Premmerce WooCommerce Brands plugin is activated) + Product Attribute / Attributes (you can choose any number of attributes and their terms). This way you’ll create landing pages for already filtered pages of products with a specified category, brand, and attributes. For example, the following pages can be created:Smartphones (category) + Apple (brand) + 7S (attribute) + Gold (attribute) + 64 Gb (attribute). You can specify a unique H1, title, meta description, and SEO text for this page.
Bulk generation of landing pages
Bulk generation of landing pages
If you have many categories, brands, and product attributes in the store, it’s quite challenging to create unique descriptions of all possible category options + brands + attributes. However, in order to get as many pages of your store as possible available in the search result, you can still generate a number of pages with clean URL and unique titles
Automatic adding of pages to the Sitemap
Automatic adding of pages to the Sitemap
After the category filters optimization, it’s important to let the search crawlers know that now you have many more landing pages than before. So, when you create a page based on filters either manually or automatically, the plugin automatically adds new pages to the Sitemap, which is generated by the Yoast SEO plugin

Discourage search engines from indexing the “empty” pages. The access restrictions for the search robots allow you to have control over the search engine results. Such an approach helps to ensure that rankings won’t be damaged while staying on top in terms of service. 

Shortcodes for any custom page. Use the shortcode provided and let the users enjoy your filters. Even if you created a page with no widget area, you’re still able to add it when necessary. You’re free to figure out whether you need one for each separate page and consider if there are any conversion benefits.

We have already brought some SEO killer features to our Filter but if you want more, it’s possible to extend your toolkit to the famous All In One Seo Plugin. This one is an original WordPress invention that aims to replace the SEO strategist and give you everything you may need to win over Google and other search engines. Including deep SEO analysis, seamless social media integration, and smart site maps to close every gap. Light but powerful is its claim and we managed to keep it working the same way with our Filter plugin. Effortlessly and effectively.

We understand well that betting on one instrument is a risky endeavor. Oftentimes there’s a need to try out few things to see what works. Or what conjunction yields the best results. This may be an answer. Our Filter provides a gratifying user experience while Rank Math Seo Plugin gives to the e-store owner. What namely? The short answer: a lot. The long answer: you have to see it for yourself but it’s really good. A time-saving extension is set up easily, grants a thorough overview of the site performance, and revamps the imperfections in the system. All of which runs smoothly and simultaneously with a Premmerce filtering arrangement.


Among the main features:

  • The ability to highlight the main attributes and display them on the product category page
  • The possibility to add a description to the attribute
  • Perfect compatibility with the Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter plugin
  • The ability to add a product variation to the cart directly on the product category page (Premium only)
  • The ability to present variation as an image, color, label or radiobox.
  • Displaying all available filters using a single widget
  • Integration with the Premmerce WooCommerce Brands plugin
  • Improved caching system
  • Displaying only available attributes depending on the category
  • An option to filter the search results
  • Shortcodes for any custom page

The list of plugin Premium features:

Being able to handle heavy traffic loads and imply the fastest filters for WooCommerce in its basic version, the Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter plugin greatly expands the SEO capabilities in its Premium version. Now you can generate landing pages with unique titles, SEO-text, human-friendly URL based on combinations of category + brand + product attributes.

All the Premium version features:

  • Generating pages with the Clean URL based on the selected category + brand + attribute (you can specify an unlimited number of attributes)
  • “Discourage Search Engines” for all filter pages or for each Seo Rule
  • The ability to specify any title for each generated page
  • Specify any h1 for each generated page
  • Specify any meta description for each generated page
  • Specify SEO-text for each generated page
  • Using the variables, set the mask for automatic generation of h1, title, meta description
  • Bulk generation of landing pages based on the multiple choice of categories + brands + attributes
  • For all pages for which the rules haven’t been created, you can specify a common mask
  • Automatic adding of all generated pages to the Sitemap (if you use Yoast SEO)
  • Setting up rules for creating URL. Setup a prefix for brands and attributes and a terms separator
  • Displaying the attribute ‘color’ using the icon of the selected color on the page with filters
  • Displaying attributes as Label
  • On Sale, In Stock and Rating Filters
  • Image Field Type for Attributes

Video presentation

Compatibility with other plugins

  1. WooCommerce Permalink Manager
  2. Premmerce WooCommerce Brands
  3. Premmerce Search

Tested & Compatible with most famous Themes and Builder:

  • Avada
  • Divi
  • OceanWP
  • Storefront
  • Astra
  • and Elementor Builder



Available languages

  1. English (Default)
  2. Russian
  3. Ukrainian

Finally – Premmerce Advanced WooCommerce Swatches

After dozens of tests and the development of quite a few great features, we are proud to introduce to you our ideal WooCommerce Swatches plugin, that is fully compatible with the  Premmerce WooCommerce Filter Plugin.

There are free and paid versions, but at the same time they both have great functionality and will improve your store results dramatically.

Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter


User reviews

  • How to change the order of the attribute terms?

    • Hey, there

      If you need to change the order of the attribute terms in the filter, change it in the Configure Terms of Attributes page.
      Have a nice day 🙂

  • That’s exactly what I’m looking for.
    These functions are very useful for any e-commerce site.

    And also thank for the updating with newest version of woocommerce and wordpress!

  • Your plugin is excellent and your support is excellent.
    Please, keep improving the plugin

  • Powerful Plugin with tons of options

  • Great and fast filtering. Easy to set up. Excellent support! I can recommend it strongly

  • A great plugin, I like its flexibility and ease of setup

  • Pretty nice plugin, good support

  • Hi, does the regular or Pro version support WPML?

    • Hi there!
      Both versions of our filter support WPML.

  • Hi! I am planning to buy a plugin, but I noticed that there is no polylang support. A few months ago you wrote that you were planning to add it. Please tell me how things are going, as this criterion affects on purchase of the plugin.

    • Hello!
      Unfortunately, our developers are still working on the next update.
      Polylang compatibility has been delayed for an unknown period.

  • Hello!

    Please tell me, do you need to pay for the plugin every year or buy it once without support and updates?

    • Hi there!
      You can buy it once, all premium features of the plugin will remain relevant forever, only updates and technical support will not be available (if you do not pay for the annual subscription).

  • hi
    in premium version can i make a rule for specific attributes without selecting any categories?
    its important for us these feature.
    i heard that choosing category is mandatory for making any rule.

    • Hi there!
      Unfortunately, no, without selecting a product category, you will not be able to create SEO-rules.

  • Hello I am testing the plugin and there are several things that I do not understand.
    New category urls are created, which collide with the original woocommerce categories, this generates duplicate content.
    In the breadcrumbs the category is not updated, the original woocommerce category url is still used. Looking at the documentation does not say anything about it. I am interested in the option of SEO urls to generate landing pages, but I see that things are missing. The site maps also use the url’s of the original categories -> duplicate content. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • Hi there!
      Our plugin is developed to work with YOAST SEO.

  • Buongiorno, il plugin funziona benissimo ma non visualizzo i filtri widget da mobile. Devo impostare qualcos’altro?

    • Hi there!
      The display of the filter widget on mobile devices depends on the layout of the template.
      Try to enter the title of the widget

  • Great plugin guys, but you really need to make this 100% RankMath compatible. Yoast is no longer the SEO market leader.

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What clients say about Premmerce

Great, free, useful plugin if you want your category link to be yourURL/category name and product link to be yourURL/product-name. Even skips parent category names. Thank you so much!
Riley Pearcy
THi All, We us this plugin for a big website we run. This plugin works with the famous WPML plugin. It’s removes the Product category base and the shop link in a Multilingual website. Must have for all WooCommerce users!!! Regards from a satisfied user.
Lian Perry
The Premmerce Filter is BY FAR the best product filter plugin available for WordPress. It works well out of the box with a great layout. It’s something that you would think would be so simple, but finding a great product filter tool sure wasn’t easy. Really love how well it integrates with the Premmerce Brands plugin as well. Thanks!!
Rommie Mercer
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