Premmerce WooCommerce Price Tracking

Using this plugin you can notify your customers about the reduction in your online store products prices by sending them sales emails

Premmerce WooCommerce Price Tracking Features

Using the ‘Premmerce WooCommerce Price Tracking’ plugin you can notify your customers about the reduction in your online store products prices by sending them sales emails.

You can use this tool, for example, to collect information about the demand for products and purposefully add a discount on them to increase sales.

It’s important to mention that all capabilities that are developed according to our roadmap will be tested for compatibility with Premmerce WooCommerce Price Tracking.

Before activation, make sure the following plugin has been installed and activated.

If you use SalesZone (Premium) or its child themes, this button will also appear in the product ‘quick view’.


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Premmerce team are great at their job and we’ll continue to work with them. They are responsive and offer a great customer service! Our Project Manager has perfect communication and collaboration skills, and regularly comes up with some smart suggestions/options that move things forward.
Riley Pearcy
They deeply care about their customers — you can trust Premmerce. A highly talented team that doesn't quit until you're satisfied. Communication skills and problem solving are exactly what Premmerce's strength are. We are happy with the result they have delivered and will work again on the next phase. Thank you!
The entire Premmerce team is truly amazing. They understand the business cases and are able to thoroughly translate those into technical deliverables. Their communication is superb and you will not need to go back and forth on trivial matters. Additionally, they are able to suggest very helpful alternative routes or solutions when necessary.
Rommie Mercer
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