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WooCommerce vs Shopify Comparison

24 May 18
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The WooCommerce vs Shopify comparison is a part of our big research that is focused on the  comparison of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web. We had a close look at Shopify as it is now  considered to be the most functional cloud based e-commerce platform.

Shopify is the only non-php open source platform we have reviewed, primarily because of an enormous popularity and huge number of sold online stores based on it. This is the main advantage of Shopify.

This comparison is based on parameters, that we provided in the post, called  What is WooCommerce? Comparison and Detailed Overview.

Shopify has got the next rates

Simple and comprehensive architecture. There is available API documentation for modules and themes, but generally there is no low-level access. Not all things can be changed or rewritten; there is much less room for maneuvers. 5 points.

Availability and support of the core features – 9 points.

Scalability. It is quite difficult to go beyond the basic capabilities of the platform, as it takes much more time and effort to create a non-standard solution. 5 points.

Response time. It is provided on the level of servers and software developers, which gives very good results when using the available features. 9 points.

Integrity and compatibility. It is pretty hard to implement a comprehensive enterprise solution with all necessary features due to low access to the system and limited capabilities. 5 points.

Support and updatability. Support and updates are automatically provided by the platform developers. 8 points.

The level of customization. Due to limited access, it may be impossible to implement some customized projects. 4 points

Standardization and dependency on the developers. Shopify has good documentation and standardization, although the technology itself is not very popular, so it may be hard to headhunt and train developers. 5 points.

Security. It is fully provided by the platform for all sites. 10 points.

Marketing tools and SEO. Shopify offers limited set of tools and doesn’t have a flexible blog platform, although you can use WordPress plugin. 5 points.

Large market. The development market of Shopify is currently larger and more trending than of  Magnet’s, which makes this technology very promising. 8 points.

Overall rating: 6,63

The WooCommerce vs Shopify Comparison Table

WooCommerce vs Shopify Comparison table

Here you can find the WooCommerce comparison with other platforms

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