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WooCommerce Tutorials

WooСommerce Quickbooks Integration: Plugins and Services Review

In this research we’ll describe all the available WooСommerce Quickbooks integration methods and analyse them in detail.Plus, we’ll compare some popular solutions so that you can choose what’s the best option for your business. To start with let’s clarify what QuickBooks is and what problems it solves.
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Nazar Lialka

WordPress User Activity Log Plugins: Review and Settings

Do you know what your users are actually doing when they open your website? We’ve made the  research on tools which will be great for tracking logs in  WordPress and chosen three most popular WordPress User Activity Log plugins from the WordPress plugin directory: Activity Log, User’s Activity Log, User’s Activity Tracking and Log.  We’ll also  provide you with  exhaustive data about each of them as well as our recommendations and comments.
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Nazar Lialka

Woocommerce Import Products Guide

Importing huge amount of product items to your website has always been such a pain in… But there are much easier ways to maintain  the bulk product importing into your online store with XML/CSV. This problem is common, especially for those shops that sell over  100  items.  After the first product import there is often a necessity of fast price or attribute change and these changes are more effectively done with  the bulk  product import feature from WooCommerce. In this WooCommerce import products guide we will describe the best way to do this with different WooCommerce plugins.
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Nazar Lialka

Complete WooCommerce Tutorial Step By Step

In this WooCommerce tutorial, we have decided to describe the most important settings and recommendations for launching your WooCommerce based online store. In addition to reviewing the features and basic settings, we will describe the best settings for optimizing your store SEO, fine-tuning performance, customizing your cache, and the settings for additional features that are not included in the basic WooCommerce plugin.
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Nazar Lialka

WooCommerce Shipping Guide: Zones, Classes, Calculator, Labels

As it has been found out from various studies, one of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment are different hidden shipping and processing costs. It is not always possible to completely avoid shipping costs, but you can make sure your  customer knows what he or she pays for. This will allow you to avoid customer’s frustration and resentment  regarding an unpleasant ‘surprise’.
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Nazar Lialka
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