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Premmerce Plugins

Premmerce WooCommerce Pinterest

We’ve developed a new plugin version in official cooperation with WooCommerce and Pinterest. To learn more and purchase it you can visit the official WooCoomerce Extensions Store. Premmerce WooCommerce Pinterest allows you to make the bulk automated and scheduled creation and editing of pins, based on the products in your WooCommerce store. Without any limits […]

Jul 15, 2018
Premmerce Plugins

Premmerce WooCommerce LiqPay Gateway

LiqPay is a payment service that allows you to make instant payments using your mobile phone, the Internet, Visa or MasterCard payment cards all over the world. Installation You can activate Premmerce WooCommerce LiqPay Gateway in the Premium version of the Premmerce plugin or you can buy it as a separate plugin on ImageCMS Marketplace and […]

Jul 11, 2018
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Premmerce Plugins

Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

  A WooCommerce Wishlist is a tool that will allow your customers to choose and save products for future purchases and to share them with their friends. Just review wishlists and influence your customers’ decision making by offering bargains and super deals based on the collected information.

Jun 30, 2018
Premmerce Plugins

Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together

This plugin is used to display Frequently Bought Together block of products with discounts and to display them as a list on a product page. You can add bundles of frequently bought together products directly from a product editing page and display them as discounts under a regular price.

Jun 29, 2018
Premmerce Plugins

Premmerce WooCommerce Redirect Manager

  The Premmerce Redirect Manager enables you to create 301 and 302 redirects and to set up the automatic redirects for the deleted products in the WooCommerce store. This is the main Premmerce plugin for the redirect management and it focuses on the  improvement of  your store’s SEO, usability and navigation.

Jun 27, 2018
Premmerce Plugins

Premmerce WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing

  The Premmerce WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing is a plugin that allows you to add individual wholesale prices or other prices types for WooCommerce products for any users’ roles. This plugin effectively works with the Premmerce User Roles plugin that allows you to easily create additional users’ roles directly from the dashboard.

Jun 26, 2018

Premmerce WooCommerce Toolkit

  Premmerce WooCommerce Toolkit is a versatile set of add-ons and extensions for WooCommerce, developed to add the missing essential tools for e-commerce business to the basic version of WooCommerce. This is the key plugin of the WooCommerce set from Premmerce. We will continually extend it with the necessary e-commerce tools, based on our own […]

Jun 11, 2018

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