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To Be or Not to Be? WooCommerce Vs. Symfony [Comparison]

23 May 18
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The comparison of the WooCommerce store vs the framework based store is a part of our research and it is focused on the analysis of WooCommerce with other e-commerce technologies available on the web. We had a close look at Symfony as it is now considered to be the most functional php based framework.

This comparison was based on the parameters that we provided in the post earlier: What is WooCommerce? Comparison and Detailed Overview.

The framework based store has got the following rates

Comprehensive architecture. In this case everything depends on the developer as this framework is based on the up-to-date approaches in web development and MVC model. Plus, there’s a great possibility to make a highly customizable basis for the online store with will add to its scabality in the future. 9 points

Availability and support of the core features. Hardly any ready-to-use faetures are available in the market, almost everything has too be coded from scratch. 2 points.

Scalability. Everything depends on the projects initial architecture. Overal, the framework enables the usage of the most cutting-edge approaches and practices, although it aslo requires additional time for development. 5 points

Response time. There’s a high chance of meeting the project’s speed requirement when choosing the framework based development approach as opposed to other development methods. 7 points.

Integrity and compatibility. Almost all functional features must be developed from scratch and there are no ready to use solutions available. It will take  a lot of time although the project’s architecture would be unique. 9 points.

Support and updatability.  The team of project developers is solely responsible for the project’s support and updatability. The community could only take charge of the frameworks core and some bundles, although the most part of the e-commerce software is customised to the needs of a particular business. The business owner in some way largely depends on the web company he chose for the project realization. 3 points.

The level of customization. If the project architecture was built accurately the level of customization is really high. 8 points.

Standardization and dependency on the developers. The level of standardization is quite low as each team of developers introduces its own approach to the project development. As a result, the company staff should be trained to maintain and admin the store,   and the consulting part is usually performed by the team of developers as well as further development of the project. 6 points.

Security. Here’s a high chance to ensure a high level of security in comparison to the existing e-commerce platforms. 8 points.

Marketing tools and SEO. The framework-based projects are usually  very flexible and can develop a wide range of instruments to enable effective marketing campaigns. 9 points.

Large market. In comparison with other frameworks the community of Symfony developers is relatively small. Most of the engineers focus on large and complicated projects which can not be supported by other e-commerce platforms. 2 points.

Overall rating: 6,18

WooCommerce vs Store Developed From Scratch Comparison Table

WooCommerce vs Symfony

Here you can find the WooCommerce comparison with other platforms

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