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About the project

We use the experience of hundreds of online stores to create an integrated WooCommerce solution.

Our Team

We’re a team of developers and e-commerce experts who have produced and supported e-commerce products and users for over 9 years. We’ve developed 6000 online stores for businesses in different fields and we know exactly what online sellers want from their stores.

Our Expertise

After years of thorough research and experience with different e-commerce technologies like Magento, Open Cart, Presta Shop and even the creation of our own platform based on Code Igniter, we truly fell in love with WooCommerce. What is so special about it? Flexibility. Now we are determined to contribute all our expertise to the world-class enterprise software which will ensure your online business runs at its peak capacity.

Our passion and how you can contribute

While working on the product roadmap we’ll share all tech discoveries on our blog. We’ll also provide you with a number of feature testing updates, and release innovative plugins. We’ll have fun and in the end deliver a great e-commerce engine, based on WooCommerce technology. Please follow us on our blog. Shares and likes on Facebook, Twitter and alike are appreciated a lot.
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New great theme for WooCommerce

One of the most important tasks of our solution is to create a cross-functional theme for WooCommerce which would support all necessary features.

All plugins and extensions work seamlessly together

Our themes’ focus is compatibility with everything necessary for e-commerce enterprise solution features, a high response rate and the absence of slow loading scripts, which interfere with user interaction on the website.

Simple customization

Elaborate theme architecture and updatability could be used in various e-commerce directions. This could be achieved through simple customisation to the general store stylistics of the main layout elements like the store header, footer, menu (including a mega menu), a product card, categories and a checkout page.

Make changes yourself. Too hard? Book a consultation with us!

And the great news is that you could make all you colour scheme changes on your own. Plus, our theme support service runs like a clock.
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Woocommerce performance and security

Our task is to test all possible feature combinations for compatibility, and make your store secure and develop the highest page speed possible.

Maximum efficiency with heavy loaded projects

We’ve been working on an ideal page speed for the WooCommerce toolkit along with the third party software, giving a maximum speed rate of 100K+ traffic and 50K+ products in stock. Each software piece undergoes a thorough QA on compatibility and speed rate in order to ensure the 2 second response of any page in your online store.

Focus on QA and security

The enterprise e-commerce solution is all about functionality and providing a huge number of different plugins and settings. Understanding this, we do the 100% QA of the smooth run of our toolkit and would definitely track its operation. We use only trusted practices for your ultimate security.
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WooCommerce plugins for SEO and Marketing

We assure quality operation of all features in adherence with SEO and digital marketing requirements

Improving the WooCommerce SEO features for great search results

As we’ve worked a lot with SEO in the field of e-commerce for many years we see some imperfections in the WooCommerce basic toolkit. In our solution we use only reliable instruments for meta-tags and content management, such as Yoast, and we’ll do the theme optimisation and markdown. We’ll also find the solution for the URL management, sitemap, interlinking and other important aspects to provide the best result.

Marketing instruments encouraging your users to buy

Our platform will unite the best practices for your store conversion, so you see your average order value increase. Your customers will stay in your store longer and will have a higher chance of making a purchase – due to discount systems, bonus programs, product sets, clearance sections, banner management, e-mail marketing tools and SMO.
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Advanced Features, Management and Support

We’ll find a solution for any complex software development task, enable comprehensive store administration and of course help you out when needed

Store features you need for your business

You might need some unique or advanced features to manage your store like additional fields, multi-language user interfaces, import-export, forms, multisite, multivendor and subscription options. Not a big deal for us. We’ll either choose from the existing tools or create from scratch the features you need for your business and make sure everything is compatible and works well.
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Upgrading the WooCommerce admіn panel

All things considered, the default admin panel provided by WordPress and Woocommerce is quite user-friendly. However, there some areas to be improved like navigation by main sections, quick bookmarks, all necessary widgets and stock management tools, etc. As we’ve tested a number of different user interface solutions, our task here is to create a highly efficient admin panel for e-commerce in order to make the WooCommerce store management experience less time-consuming.

Happy customers and constantly updated software

We are a support provider for over 4000 business that use our software and we keep up with modern standards by using an effective ticket support system, regular software updates and personalised consulting. We know everything about our own WooCommerce plugins and thirty party solutions alike.

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