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The ultimate guide to fostering your marketing efforts with the new version of Pinterest for WooCommerce

29 April 20
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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach out to a Pinterest community of 300 million monthly active users and draw them to your online store. Recently Tim Price shared why Pinterest should be considered as a great marketing approach and revealed some interesting stats here.

No matter what area you work in, Pinterest allows you to find and get in touch with potential buyers. 

A visual mood board for event planning and ideas exploration, Pinterest is an image-based social network that helps people share visual content and discover new products.

The latest 2.0 version of Pinterest for WooCommerce integration covers issues from previous releases with the customer’s opinions considered. Here’s a short how-to tutorial on the latest update to help you gain marketing success:

Step 1: Create a Business Account

This step is mandatory, as analytics stats and marketing tools are only available for business users. Fortunately, it’s totally free. 

First of all, you need to register a regular account and then go here to create a business one.

Using the plugin, you can claim your domain and Pinterest account (see more in the plugin documentation). That’s all you have to do to start benefiting from Pinterest’s marketing advantages for your store. 

The main benefit is that you’ll be able to post not only simple images on Pinterest but Reach Pins as well.

Step 2: Tune Your Account and Primary Content

The tuning in process of the Pinterest plugin for WooCommerce resembles a search engine optimization of your website. Here’s what you should do at this stage:

  1. Create different boards for your Pins. Even if you sell products of the same category, you can create several boards with various topics or styles. We’ve updated the plugin with the possibility of adding one Pin to several boards right from your wp-admin. Sure, there’s no need to duplicate the same Pin to all of your boards – Pinterest doesn’t welcome duplicate content. But, if you want to make a compilation of vintage glasses, having it on a general board is a good idea.
  2. Make a unique description for each board using the right keywords. Pinterest’s algorithms determine the categories for  Pins based not only on the description of a Pin itself, but also on the description of the board where it’s located. Here’s how to find the most relevant keywords for your boards and Pins:
  1. Remember the description and design of the main page. I’d suggest you go and find famous Pinterest influencers and people who use Pinterest for marketing and try to replicate their style.

Step 3: Start Optimizing Your Pins

We noticed that custom images used in online stores are not always a good fit for Pinterest. Therefore we’ve made a few updates to this.  Here’s how you can ensure your Pins gain more impressions and clicks.

5 tips for your Pins to get more clicks & impressions:

1. Dimension matters.

According to Pinterest’s guide, the optimal aspect ratio is 2:3 (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels). The problem is that most of the themes have their own recommended image size settings, so you’re not always able to pin them in their original sizes. A new feature of the latest version of the Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin allows you to set up dimensions only for images that will be used for pinning on Pinterest. It will not affect your current photos.

2. Remember to use hashtags.

Hashtags only work for a Pin’s description, so there’s no need to use them anywhere else (e.g. for a board or profile description). How can you benefit from using hashtags? First of all, many people search by hashtags. Unlike the complex and not publicly available Pinterest algorithms that determine the relevance of Pins for organic searches, the hashtag matching algorithm is simple and straightforward. In a hashtag search, recently published Pins are displayed first. 

Above is the former hashtag search page design; it no longer contains the time of posting, but the search algorithm works the same way

So, if you choose popular and relevant hashtags, it will increase the chances of more people seeing it. 

And of course, we’ve added a specific feature to the plugin to help you manage hashtags. Now you can create several packages of hashtags and assign them later for each product or for the whole product category. Additionally, you can edit the order of hashtags and create a primary hashtag for your store – #MyAwesomeBusinessName – which will automatically be assigned to all your Pins in the first place. This will help users easily find all your products.

Lately, Pinterest has made a few changes to how hashtags look and work. They are still conducting A\B testing, so there is currently no certainty about what role hashtags will play in the future. 

3. Pin description is equally important.

Just like board descriptions, Pin descriptions help algorithms determine which search queries your Pins fit the best. Thus, while you’re working on Pin description, remember to look for popular keywords, so you get accurate search page results.

The general description you use for your store is not always appropriate in length and context for your Pin. So, we’ve made it possible to add the Pin description in a separate field. 

Pinterest limits you to 500 characters, so try to put your main message into the first 1-3 sentences, because most users are able to see no more than 195 characters in the Pin description.

4. Create attractive images for Pinterest.

What should you do if your regular images do not fit on Pinterest even after being resized? The new WooCommerce for Pinterest feature has a solution. Now you can create any custom image and set it on each product page – for example a specific image that will be used only for Pins, and won’t be shown anywhere else. 

Bonus tip: You can use tools like Canva with a lot of beautiful and easy to use templates, particularly for Pinterest.

5. Look for inspiration.

On Pinterest, you can find various successful cases of good-looking Pins becoming viral and attracting a lot of traffic and sales. Therefore, be sure to do your homework, study your competitors, find out what Pins are prevalent in your category, and get inspired. Pinterest even has Pinspiration boards for you to find uplifting Pins from different areas.

Step 4: How to Pin on Pinterest in the Right Way

Posting an appropriate image on Pinterest and expecting it to draw traffic to your store right away is not something that is going to work. Add a little bit of magic to help your Pins grow.

3 tips to get more traffic to your Pinterest:

#1 Pick the perfect time to post on Pinterest

One of the biggest mistakes users make is pinning many images at the same time. Instead of posting the entire catalog immediately after setting up the plugin, postpone until your audience is active. We recommend doing it in small but regular doses. Algorithms love pinners who contribute to the platform systematically and continuously.  For this purpose, we’ve crafted a new feature – delayed posting. Now you can schedule your process of pinning to a particular day and time. In addition, you can set the number of Pins and the time intervals when they should be posted.  

#2 Update your old Pins to give them a new life

If you add a new image to a Pin’s image area on the product page, Pinterest will consider it to be a completely new Pin that leads to the same URL. This is OK if you need to create a new Pin to promote your product. But if you want to upgrade your existing Pin, a new feature added to the recent version of the plugin will enable you to do this with a few clicks. All you need is to update the description of your old Pin or add relevant hashtags (e.g., seasonal, situational, special offers, etc.) in the wp-admin – this will upgrade your Pin as well.

#3 Pinning to Group Boards

According to Pinterest stats, 98% of group boards have five or fewer people. This means that people usually use them for idea sharing in small groups. But, if you manage to find the remaining 2% of group boards that refer to your type of products, it’s definitely worth trying to promote your products there.

Step 5: Ads and Analytics

Pinterest allows you to track your conversions, see any other stats, and experience all the benefits of an advertising account. You just need a  Pinterest Tag on your website. Fortunately, if you use the Pinterest for WooCommerce integration, the Tag is already installed.

You should take a shot with Promoted Pins.

Even if you start with small amounts spent on advertising, it can have a huge impact. Here’s why. If you promote high-quality content, it will definitely get a lot of impressions, and undoubtedly many users will want to save it. Every time someone saves your Pin, the “Promoted” label goes away from a repinned Pin. This means that even if you stop your promotion, this Pin will still get more impressions and continue to grow naturally. 

Audiences on Pinterest help you reach out to the right people.

Pinterest’s ad manager doesn’t provide as much detailed audience management as Facebook does, but it is more than enough for effective targeting and remarketing. You can create the following four primary audiences:

  • People who have recently visited your website (as you insert Pinterest Tag);
  • People from your leads lists: you can manually upload your email list, website registered users, or the list of leads from your CRM. Conversion of campaigns like this can be quite high since this audience is already familiar with your brand;
  • People who have previously interacted with your Pins in some way;
  • People who are similar to one of your existing audiences – a lookalike audience, as Facebook calls it.

Pinterest targeting enables you to both attract an entirely new audience and increase the conversion among your store visitors.

Bonus tips

Give an initial boost to your account.

As in any other social network, the most challenging thing in the beginning, is to get your first followers. After you’ve completed all the preparations, don’t hesitate to use other channels of communication with your audience and ask them to be the first to follow you on Pinterest. Most of you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or have email lists, so be sure to use all these channels to promote your new profile. Send your customers an email and create a post on all other social networks. You can also offer an additional discount for following your Pinterest account. 

Don’t hesitate to pin as much as you can.

Pinterest doesn’t limit the number of Pins you can make, and of course, it doesn’t punish you for those Pins that haven’t become successful. There are many examples of accounts that have several million Pins, but most of them will never become popular and widespread. For visual content, it’s complicated to predict which Pin will become viral. It’s just like art, some people will say that it is pure baloney, while others will admire a masterpiece.

Pinterest free online academy

Recently, Pinterest launched a free online academy with a number of tips on becoming successful on Pinterest. It’s not available for all countries yet. Check here to see if your country is on the list. 

Pinterest plays a major role for eCommerce marketing. It allows you to not only draw new users to your online store, but also increase the return rates of your existing customers. With the growing popularity of visual content today, Pinterest is definitely an ambitious channel to start working with in your marketing campaigns.

Pinterest says that its users tend to re-pin video Pins 40% more often than regular image Pins. So, we believe that in the near future, there will be more features for video content, and our plugin updates will keep up with all the innovations.

If you have questions about marketing on Pinterest or the Pinterest for WooCommerce integration, feel free to ask in the comments. We are happy to share our knowledge with you, and we’ll make sure all the necessary updates are made to improve the Pinterest for the WooCommerce plugin to make your experience even better.

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