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Creating an online store on WooCommerce for free by using the Premmerce Suite

16 August 18
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In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a full-fledged online store on WooCommerce quickly using the Premmerce Suite Free.

We’ve already described the Premmerce plugin, which contains the WooCommerce Wizard, and have prepared a detailed guide for setting up WooCommerce for you.

Today we’ll suggest you another easy way on how to create quickly and most importantly for free a full-fledged online store on WooCommerce with the help of Premmerce Suite Free.

Download the Premmerce Suite Free

You can download it using the link below: Download the Premmerce Suite Free

Installing the system

First of all, you need to unpack the downloaded archive into your site directory on the hosting and after that go to your site using the browser.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll see the window with the WordPress installer, where you need to follow the instructions to complete the basic installation steps:

  1. Choosing a language:

  1. Database information:

  1. Database settings:

  1. If all entered data is correct, you’ll see the following page. Click ‘Run the installation’.

  1. General WordPress settings:

  1. Click ‘Log in’ and enter your username and password from step 5.

Initial Setup

If you’ve installed the system correctly in the previous step and are logged in it, you’ll see the following window when you first enter the dashboard.

Activating the Premmerce Plugin

First of all, activate the Premmerce plugin, this will allow us to identify you as a user, and you’ll be able to ask some questions by using the question form.

To do this, click on the button ‘Allow & Continue’ and go through the authorization procedure. After that, confirm the activation via your email.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard

We recommend that you skip the standard WooCommerce Setup Wizard at this stage, then you can make all the settings using the Premmerce Setup Wizard.

SalesZone Free

The SalesZone Free theme has been already installed and activated on the deployed site. This theme perfectly supports all the plugins necessary for your online store, as well as all Premmerce plugins. Plus, it contains a lot of additional settings of appearance enabled by the Customizer.

You can read more about this theme, as well as check the demo version on the page: SalesZone Free.

The theme homepage contains instructions of initial setup of the theme and installation of the demo data and recommended plugins for the effective work of the theme:

Hereafter you can both change the theme and delete the demo data.

After the initial installation, your online store will look the following way:

Setting up an Online Store Using the Premmerce Setup Wizard

Go to the Setup Wizard page and start the setup.

For a detailed description of the Setup Wizard, follow this link:

Using the Setup Wizard, follow the detailed instructions for installing and setting up WooCommerce.

We hope this guide will help you to create quickly and most importantly for free an online store based on WooCommerce – the most popular platform for online stores in the world.

If you have any questions or need some consulting or would like to develop or customize some software, you can always contact our consultants via chat or using the contacts page.

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