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Premmerce WooCommerce Brands Free Plugin

09 June 18
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Premmerce WooCommerce Brands plugin makes it possible to create an unlimited number of brands that can be assigned to the products for better cataloging, product search and additional opportunities for marketing and brand promotion.

The brands in this plugin are created as a separate taxonomy, which allows you  to use all the benefits of WordPress with taxonomies and all the features for SEO from YoastSEO.

This plugin interacts very well with the other Premmerce plugins, such as:

The main features of the Premmerce WooCommerce Brands:

  • Creating, editing and deleting brands;
  • Assigning a brand to a product;
  • Shortcode for displaying the list of brands;
  • Displaying the page of a particular brand and the possibility to sort products by category;
  • Widget for displaying the selected brands on the site;
  • Semantic markup for the brand on the product page.


You can install this plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory.

Premmerce WooCommerce Brands Demo

You can see how it works on the Storefront theme here: https://storefront.premmerce.com/brands/ .

You can see how it works on the SalesZone theme here: https://saleszone.premmerce.com/brands/.

Plus, you can create your personal demo store and test this plugin together with Premmerce Premium and all other Premmerce plugins and themes developed by our team here: Premmerce WooCommerce Demo.

The brand management page in the admin panel

The brand management page is in the Products section. Here is the example:

Creating a brand

To create a brand, go to the Brands page via the admin panel.

Here is the example:

To create a brand, you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Name – you have to enter a brand name here; this field is mandatory.
  • Slug is a version of the brand name that is used to create a brand page URL on a site. Slug usually contains only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens.
  • Description field requires a description used on the brand display page.
  • Thumbnail – you can download a brand image here.

Click on the Add New Brand button.

Quick brand editing

For the quick editing of a brand, you need to click Quick edit button.

You can change Name and Slug in the Quick edit section.

Here is the example:

Editing brand

For the brand editing, you need to click on the band name or Edit button under the brand you want to edit.

You can change all the data created previously: Name, Slug, Description, Thumbnail.

Here is the example:

Deleting brand

There are two ways to delete a brand:

  1. Click on the Delete button under the brand you want to delete.
  2. Mark the checkboxes of the brands you want to delete.

Select the Delete option from the BulkActions drop-down menu and click on the Apply button.

Here is the example:

Additional steps on the brand management page

You can also do the following on the Brands page:

Brand search

You can find a specific brand by searching. The search is conducted by the name of the brand or by Slug.

To use the search, you need to enter letters, numbers or words, contained in the brands, into the box next to the Search Brands button and click on this button. This field is highlighted in yellow on the screenshot.

Here is the example:

Viewing the brand page on the site

To do this, click on the View button of the brand you need.

The brand page on the site:

Viewing branded items

To do this, you have to click on the number in the Count column of the brand you need.

Here is the example:

Assigning a brand to a product

To do this, go to the Add new product or Edit product page. Choose the brand you need in the Brands select menu and click the Publish button or Update button to save the changes. If you need to unlink the brand from the product, choose “Not specified”.

We also added the option of assigning a brand to the product by quick editing of the product. Open the Products page and click the Quick Edit button in the desired product. Select the brand you need in the Brand menu and click the Update button to save the changes. If you need to unlink the brand from the product, then choose “Not specified”.

The product page on the site that is assigned to the brand:


The plugin allows you to add Brands widget via Customizer.

WooCommerce Brands widget

Brands widget allows you to output a specific number of brands on the site. The widget can work in two modes: Auto and Custom.

Auto mode enables some additional settings, such as displaying only brand names with the images and specifying the maximum number of brands displayed on the site in the widget.

With Custom mode, you can select the brands you want/don’t want to display.

In both modes, you can specify a widget name.

Displaying all brands on the page using shortcodes

In order for the list of all brands to be displayed on the page, you need to add a shortcode: [brands_page]. The plugin automatically creates a Brands page with this shortcode when it is installed.

Here is the example:

The page of all brands on the site:

Comments (6)
  • Ann says:

    great thing, guys!

    1. Thank you )

  • Daniel says:

    Awesome plug-in.
    How do I set or change and customize the slug/permalink “/product_brand/cottover/” to be = “/varumarke/cottover/”?.


    1. Andriy Kruk says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      You can’t customize the slug/permalink of brands via our plugin, if that’s what you mean. But maybe we’ll add this feature in the next releases.

  • David Zizza says:

    Do you have a shortcode for displaying the products associated with a brand?

  • Altair says:

    I have 2000 products where one attribute is the brand.

    Any option to assign the Brand from a product attribute?

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