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Premmerce Weekly Roundup: November 17, 2017

13 June 18
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Hi everybody,

Today we’re coming up with some hot news and valuable info that is definitely worth your attention.

WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

A new release of WordPress includes a lot of  great features like

  • Customizer Workflow Improved
  • Coding Enhancements
  • Even More Widget Updates
  • Site Building Improvements
  • A lot of improvements for developers

You can read more on this topic here: WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

WooCommerce extension marketplace news

WooCommerce is working on opening its doors of  extension marketplace for new developers

More information  about it here: Insights from the WooCommerce Marketplace

WPML 3.9 Beta

WPML  has just released its first beta of WPML 3.9. This beta includes a new translation mode which completely removes the need to duplicate content, when you need it to display when not translated.

More information  about it here: WPML 3.9 Beta Makes Content Duplication a Thing of the Past

Yoast SEO 5.8

A new release from Yoast SEO team with a lot of fixes and enhancements.

More information  about it here: Yoast SEO 5.8.

WooCommerce preparing for the arrival of Gutenberg

WooCommerce design team has explored and experimented with adding product Blocks (recent products, featured products, etc.) to posts and pages.

More information  about it here: Preparing WooCommerce for the arrival of Gutenberg


Thanks for following  us! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and sell more with WooCommerce and Premmerce.

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