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Let’s be honest, product bundles can make contradictory impressions. From one side, getting more than one product for less money looks like a good deal. And save more than 50% of budget. From the other side, is it really? The reasonable questions arise inevitably. Like do you actually need the whole package or is it truly worth the price, even the discounted one?

The answer always depends on the particular needs, oftentimes more than on the offer value. In this article, I want to present to you our brand-new Premmerce Bundle and its potential benefits for e-commerce. You get the data and make the informed choice, the call is yours.

Why Is Bundle a Good Idea?

Any functioning system depends on its elements, a well-functioning one depends on the components themselves and their smooth interaction. The successful e-store is no exception. There are a lot of things to take into account for the great user experience that leads to profits. And there are thousands of plugins that promise to help with that. Different purposes may also call for products from several developers, bombarding with appealing features and tempting costs. Since no one knows perfectly your exact requirements, that’s on you as the website creator. However, if you find a reputable company to trust, the right bundle is indeed a useful approach. Why? Well, there are a few points to cover.

Compatibility with Each Other

Well-coordinated work of the complex plugins is a treasure to find. It’s hard enough to come up with one add-on that extends greatly the standard e-store capabilities. Tying them together and integrating into the tech ecosystem is another challenge. The plugins compatibility is the thing to boast about because it’s indeed that important.

The plugins in one bundle are guaranteed to work perfectly on their own as well as together. They won’t have a negative impact on the page load speed or provoke bugs that leave you with the out-of-business site. Their optimization won’t cause any problems when the updates come. It shouldn’t surprise that updates from different developers can behave unpredictably and cancel out completely their improvements. There also won’t be any inconsistencies in the separate functions or cases of managing one plugin while struggling to make it work with the other one. Like with the well-oiled gears, you don’t think of them when they are taken care of by somebody experienced.

Compatibility with Popular Templates

Another compatibility test to pass is getting along with the most popular WordPress templates. The same principles apply here. However beautiful are the products on their own, they need to work on your side harmoniously. It’s not enough to make good merchandise, it has to fit into the existing market.

You’re most likely to opt for the themes and templates that are well-known and already compatible with the other website development software. You can also never know the preferred choice of a client which can be quite a deal-breaker. Thus, the additional examination step takes time but it’s crucial to go through. We’ve made sure that our bundle works perfectly with the most common themes and builders such as:

  • StoreFront
  • SalesZone
  • GoodLook
  • GrandStore
  • OceanWP
  • Astra
  • Shop Isle
  • Avada
  • Divi
  • and Elementor Builder

Budget Compatibility

Pricing is traditionally the first argument for the bundles and it makes sense. Getting something in bulk can be indeed the bang for the buck since marketing several products at once is cheaper for the company. Is it cheaper for you to buy? Yes, if you truly need everything in the package. In such a case, it’s a good deal worth checking out. For example, with the Premmerce Bundle, it’s possible to save up 50%+ on our most beloved and popular plugins. You don’t have to browse through the sea of options and deal with the terms of purchase and installation in an attempt to assemble a sophisticated constructor. One operation – and you are ready to go conquer the world of e-commerce.

Premmerce Bundle

The plugins were put together in such a way that they represent a practical system for the multidimensional e-shop. Meaning that every aspect of the user experience is taken into account but we didn’t forget the business owners as well.

Let’s take the Product Filter Plugin. It provides all filter searches you can think of. Rating, On Sale, In Stock, by the category icon or a brand, you name it. The display is also variable: ****color, checkboxes or labels and shortcodes for any custom page. Results are shown without reloading the page. That’s for the customer part. The owner, however, gets his own perks. The optimized page load speed, check. Displaying only available attributes to avoid the ****supply constraints, done. Employing a crucial SEO rule, why not. We’re talking about the restricted indexation for the irrelevant filter searches here.

To improve the rankings further, there’s Permalink Manager Plugin. His main job is to help you to configure a URL generation strategy by removing the redundant parts of the link. 301 redirects and optimized work speed, even for the stores with over 100K of items are the polishing touches. Hand in hand with filters comes the Product Search Plugin which makes the process easy. The autocomplete results, spell correction, search for similar or transliterated words don’t require any extra moves from a site visitor. As well as from the site owner. Showing price, image and “Add to cart” button in live search makes it even more advanced.

Finally, after sorting it out one needs to see the product in its full glory. Premmerce WooCommerce Variation Swatches equips with databases to give full info to the purchaser. Highlight the main attributes presented by image, color, label or radio box and display them right on the product category page. Add a description to the attribute to reveal it by hovering. You can do it all.

You see, the packet hits significant points and extends far more than the standard WooCommerce e-store. Now that you know the exact offer, you can decide whether to take it.


Ivan Pylypchuk
4 min read
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