Premmerce Affiliation Programm. Is it for you?

Aug 19, 2021

Well, the thing is that there’s no bother from your side involved. That’s one of our advantages, but there’s more to the list.

????20% commission for every license bought

????commission for automated subscription renewals

????60-day tracking cookie to extend the time of potential earnings

????monthly payments in USD, via Paypal

➕30-day period for potential refunds

Who Benefits from the Program?

When joining the Premmerce Affiliate Program, you become a part of a strong community of people who believe in what they do. And they do it well, to say the least. That’s the only common thing required. Everything else like occupation and field of activity is much less crucial. You can be:

???? maybe, you’re a developer with an e-commmerce focus. Do you happen to help a lot of the e-store owners and solve their problems? The plugin suggestion is more than reasonable for everyone. They get a tool to handle, you earn for the service PLUS an additional twenty percent.

????????‍????finally, marketing experts are welcome too. The profitable e-shop is the one that sells and our specifically targeted plugins serve the purpose perfectly. Either you’ll use them on your own, or recommend directly to the clients, it’s a win-win.

How does it work exactly?

  1. Register in the Freemius program (the link to follow will be in an approval letter) and get an affiliate link.
  2. Send a referral to someone for whom it will be useful.
  3. As soon as they make a purchase, the info will appear on your personal dashboard.

Let’s pause here for a minute. You can find a comprehensive manual at this link, but just to give an overview of how to manage the affiliate program dashboard. In short: it’s pretty straightforward. In a few more words: after setting the password to the Freemius account, you’ll be redirected to a page with the number of tabs. Their names are self-explanatory enough:

????FAQ and ????‍♂️Support are the places to go if there’s any question popping up in mind.

Orders History, Renewals&Billing, and further in-depth analytics state:

  • general number of visits with your link and referral ones (which led to buying a license) along with the earnings from them;
  • status of a current payment;
  • links to copy and send to the potentially interested acquaintances.

The “Earn” Tab serves as a recap of the program rules and performance indicators while Referrals, Visits Log and Payouts add some more parameters to the picture if you want to dive in a bit deeper.

You see? Sharing is caring and it doesn’t take much with our Premmerce Affiliate Program. Getting into the system is uncomplicated and the payment process – transparent. Besides, the more referral links are out there, the more user-friendly e-shops we’ll enjoy. If this doesn’t sound like a good business effort, then what is?


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