WooCommerce Store Development Pricing

Choose the most suitable package. As a result, you’ll get a SEO friendly and ready-to-sell online store.
Theme-based design
The basic theme colors are tailored for  your business identity
Tech support service
Delivery time 1 day
Quick Launch
Express design
Design created by selecting the best layout and color scheme for your project type
Installation and setup
Tech support service
Delivery time 10 days
Custom design
Creating the homepage design from scratch and customizing store internal pages (color scheme changes)
Installation and setup
Tech support service
Delivery time 1-2 months
Premium design
Designing all store pages from scratch and according to the specific project requirements
Installation and setup
Premium tech support service
Delivery time 3-4 months

Choose your perfect package
Basic Quick Launch Customization Enterprise
Price $450 $950 $1,550 $2,850
WooCommerce Premmerce Suite check all features delivered by WooCommerce Premmerce Suite     
Website hosting setup    
Tech support service    
Dedicated Project Manager    
Basic store setup    
Basic SEO setup    
Payment gateways and shipping methods setup    
Adding basic content Adding the main categories, brands and contact information to the store     
Theme-based design Any theme is available for your store design     
Customization option The Customizer is available in all design themes enabling you to change a number of website elements i.e. colors, fonts and blocks by yourself     
Stylization Creation of your site’s unique identity (logo, banners, color scheme, fonts, UI elements are all designed to convey your brand concept).     
Layout selection The themes provide a variety of ready-to-use design elements which will customize your store to your needs (a selection of headers, banner sliders, product page blocks, etc)     
Vector logo design    
Creating the homepage design from scratch    
Homepage design revision Creation of your store design prototype on the basis of a brief filled out by you     
Creating the internal pages design from scratch    
Internal pages design revision Рcreation of your store catalog, product and checkout pages according to the brief filled out by you     
Design of static info pages Creation of the standard online store pages such as About, Contacts, Payment and Delivery.     
Number of revisions12
Delivery time1 day10 days1-2 months3-4 months
Select Select Select Select

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via the online chat or by e-mail sales@premmerce.com
Are there any hidden fees and what do we have to pay for after the project has been delivered?
There are no hidden or recurring charges to be paid after a project delivery. However, you need a hosting platform and a domain name for your website which are usually paid on a regular basis. You can buy them from our company or elsewhere. The most important thing is that your hosting platform must adhere to our software minimal requirements.
Can I install the third party plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress on my website?
Absolutely. The WooCommerce Premmerce Suite allows installation of any third party plugins compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions. However, their seamless performance and integration with our themes and extensions can not be guaranteed in all cases.
Can a third party theme for WooCommerce and WordPress be applied?
Yes, it can. However, some compatibility issues might come up.
Can I change some design elements by myself?
Absolutely. Our themes include the Customizer, a tool which enables changing the theme appearance (color scheme, fonts, element layouts, etc). Additionally, it makes it possible to display widgets in any place on the website’s page. The theme code is open source, so if you are expert in HTML, CSS or JavaScript you can make some modification straight in it by yourself.


What clients say about Premmerce

Premmerce team are great at their job and we’ll continue to work with them. They are responsive and offer a great customer service! Our Project Manager has perfect communication and collaboration skills, and regularly comes up with some smart suggestions/options that move things forward.
Riley Pearcy
They deeply care about their customers — you can trust Premmerce. A highly talented team that doesn't quit until you're satisfied. Communication skills and problem solving are exactly what Premmerce's strength are. We are happy with the result they have delivered and will work again on the next phase. Thank you!
The entire Premmerce team is truly amazing. They understand the business cases and are able to thoroughly translate those into technical deliverables. Their communication is superb and you will not need to go back and forth on trivial matters. Additionally, they are able to suggest very helpful alternative routes or solutions when necessary.
Rommie Mercer
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