Removing product base from product URLs

  • Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes it can be beneficial to remove the “/product” base from your product URLs to improve the structure of the permalink.

This slug is generated by default from the title or name of the product,  and removing the “/product” part of the URL will ideally provide a clean SEO friendly URL easily readable by humans, which contains only meaningful and relevant keywords.

In order to do this with Premmerce Permalink Manager, navigate to Premmerce > Permalink Manager > Settings and set your Product permalink settings to any of the available options other than ‘Use WooCommerce settings’.

If you set it to “Product slug”, it will remove the “/product” base from your product URLs.  For example, the product URL becomes https:/, instead of https:/

If you set the “Product slug with primary category” it will remove the “/product” base but also use the main category slug in the URL before the product slug.

If you set the “Full product path” it will remove the “/product” base but and use the slug of all the category the product is assigned to, including that category’s parent category if set.

If you would like to return it to the default way of how WooCommerce structures the product URL, you can use the ‘Use WooCommere settings’ option.

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