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Project-based fee
Just send us your task and our experts will advise you the best ways to solve your problem! No hidden fees, we are honest with our customers. We will explain in detail what you are paying for.

Pricing Examples

We can perform any work, from small СSS fixes to the launch of a large e-commerce project. Here are just some examples of popular pricing options
Install & Configure – Theme or Plugin

From $50

Customize or Fix – Theme or Plugin

From $100

Plugin Development

From $1 750

Individual Theme Customization

From $1 200

Site Migration

From $500

Security Improvements

From $250

Individual Theme Design

From $4 000

Page Speed Increase

From $250

Honestly, I do not know what kind of work I need
Start a chat with our consultant and we’ll figure it out together what you exactly need.
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