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This plugin allows you to make bulk creation and editing of pins based on the products in your WooCommerce store, it also adds all the necessary for Rich Pins product data in the Open Graph format to the product page markup

Premmerce WooCommerce Pinterest Features

Premmerce WooCommerce Pinterest allows you to make the bulk automated and scheduled creation and editing of pins, based on the products in your WooCommerce store. Without any limits to the number of pins on your board per day or per month. It also automatically adds all the necessary for Rich Pins product data in the Open Graph format to your pins page markup and the possibility to track conversions with the Pinterest tag.

The major plugin features:

1. Adding pins to your Pinterest account from the WordPress dashboard

The plugin allows you to choose images on the adding / editing product page, that will be pinned in your Pinterest account at the appointed board. Together with the product image, all the data provided by Rich Pins, is also transferred: the name, description, price, availability.

2. Updating pins after updating a product

If you change any product data (of the products presented on Pinterest) in the WooCommerce dashboard – price, description, name, or tick additional product images, all pins will automatically be added to the queue for updating on Pіnterest.

3. Adding multiple pins to the ‘All products’ page

The ability to choose all products, that you need to be posted on Pinterest. The main product image will be used for a pin.

4. Bulk updating of the added pins

This feature allows you to make bulk updating of the created pins from the WordPress dashboard. Thus, you can quickly update products’ price, description and name in all pins.

5. The ability to set up automatic creation of a pin description based on product shortcodes

The ability to transfer not only the product description to the pin description but to form a template based on shortcodes with the help of which the additional product data such as the product price, name, URL, description, a short description and site name will be transferred to Pinterest.

6. Adding the Rich Pins markup to the product page

The plugin also adds the necessary Open Graph markup to the product page so that it is validated by Pinterest and all the necessary data is transferred automatically.

sales-oriented pin

7.Scheduled Pinning

Schedule pins to publish when you see fit. Flexible settings will allow you to set the day, time, number of images, and publication intervals of your Pins.

7. Track conversions with Pinterest Tag

We’ve added the ability to automatically integrate Pinterest Tag into your online store. The Pinterest tag allows you to track actions people take on your website after viewing your Promoted Pin. You can use this information to measure return on ad spend (RoAS) and create audiences to target on your Promoted Pins.

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Full documentation is available here: Premmerce WooCommerce Pinterest



User reviews

  • Thank Premmerce for this plugin! It work great, simple to integrate and user friendly interface

  • Hello,
    I have been looking for such a plugin for a very long time and chose Premmerce Permalink because of the ease of setup, speed and have fast support that always helps me solve my issues

  • If I update the product in my store, then it will automatically be updated in a pinterest?

    • Hey there,

      Yes, of course, if you change any product data, all pins will automatically be added to the queue for updating on Pіnterest.

      More information about Premmerce Pinterets you can read in plugin documentation:

  • A great plugin, especially liked the ability to set up an automatic creation of a pin description based on product shortcodes. It takes a little time to set up in but then works great,

  • This plugin greatly improve social media marketing for my store and for first month of using it I have few big orders from Pinterest!

    I recommend this plugin for all who want to sell more with social network help!

  • Perfect plugin! It work like clockwork, and save me a lot of time, now I can upload my product to Pinterest just in few clicks, it’s great!

    Thank you

  • How long does it take for the plugin to start working? I purchased and installed it a couple of hours ago, and all the products I’m adding are appearing under the processing tab. Looks like nothing is happening from there. What I should do in this case?

    • Hi.
      This may take up to 24 hours.

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