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Premmerce Weekly Roundup: March 16, 2018

09 July 18
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Hi everybody,

Today we’re coming up with some fresh WooCommerce news and valuable info that is definitely worth your attention.

Woocommerce News

This week the WooCommerce team also dont release a new versions of the platform. But users have been comforted by the handbooks that was published in WooCommerce Dev Blog.

These handbooks contain overviews, examples, best practices, and links to other relevant documents. They are an excellent way for people beginning WooCommerce development to get up-to-speed as well as a useful reference for experienced developers.

You can check it here: Theme and Plugin Developer Handbooks

Yoast SEO

After the release of 7.0. version of the plugin last week, Yoast team did not update their product. But they posted several articles on their blog that we recommend for reading:

Mobile SEO: Ultimate guide – this is a totally informative guide that will help you optimize Mobile SEO on your web-site.

The beginner guide of Yoast SEO – in this guide to Yoast team try to explain the basics of SEO settings by the Yoast SEO plugin.

Premmerce updates

  • in the megamenu now it is possible to specify the columns to display;
  • we added shortcode for products with a counter;
  • the following functions were improved: comparison of products, quick viewing of products and products gallery;
  • we introduced an important function of importing the demo data for the templates;

Also, on this week we added many new layouts and function to our templates customizer:

  • in the customizer was added a header and a gallery of products with new styles;
  • in the customizer there was an opportunity to disable the sidebar on the product card;
  • now you can customize checkout fields. For example you can delate fields that you dont need (country, company, address 2, ZIP-code and state).

Thanks for following us!

Enjoy your weekend and sell more with WooCommerce and Premmerce.

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