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Premmerce WooCommerce RoundUP: SalesZone Free, Updates and Gutenberg

13 August 18
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Hi everybody,

Ready for hot Premmerce WooCommerce RoundUp? I have really great news for you! Just keep reading this post 🙂

SalesZone Free is now available!

We have been working on a free version of the SalesZone theme for almost three months and now we are ready to show it to everyone!

This theme provides the optimal settings for all major WooCommerce and WordPress functional features. Plus, a great advantage of this theme is a seamless integration with all Premmerce plugins and this fact ensures both quick and smooth sett up of the store interface and its functionality. But its main advantage is that it is completely free and you can download and install it from WordPress.org.

Of course, the free theme is different from the premium version, but you still can get a really fast, functional and beautiful theme for free. What is the difference between a free and premium theme you can see here

Also, you can check SalesZone Free Demo for more details and of course download it from wordpress.org.

Premmerce Plugins Updates

WooCommerce Product Filter 3.0 – in the new version of the plugin users will get some new features:

  1. All users got the function of filtering by categories and tags
  2. Improved integration with WPML
  3. Fixed small bugs

WooCommerce Permalink Manager 2.1.1  – this version is a minor update that fixes small bugs and inaccuracies in the plug-in

Premmerce 1.3.5 – in this version has been updated caching system and also fixed critical bug when adding products to the card.

WooCommerce Product Search 2.0.4 – this update:

  1. Optimized integration with WPML
  2. Fixed bug with Cyrillic words in search
  3. Fixed few small bugs

WordPress 4.9.8 Maintenance Release

Good news for all WordPress users! WordPress 4.9.8 is now available. This maintenance release fixes 46 bugs, enhancements and blessed tasks, including updating the Twenty Seventeen bundled theme. But the most important updates are the callout “Try Gutenberg”. What does it mean? This “Try Gutenberg” is an opportunity for users to use the Gutenberg block editor before it is released in WordPress 5.0.

As the WordPress team assures, this callout will be shown to the following users:

  1. If Gutenberg is not installed or activated, the callout will be shown to Admin users on single sites, and Super Admin users on multisites.
  2. If Gutenberg is installed and activated, the callout will be shown to Contributor users and above.
  3. If the Classic Editor plugin is installed and activated, the callout will be hidden for all users.

What to know more about Gutenberg? Just read this article “Try Gutenberg” Callout in WordPress 4.9.8  or you can try it on your site by installing Gutenberg plugin from wordpress.org.

Thanks for following us 🙂

Have a good day and sell more with WooCommerce and Premmerce.

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