• Responsive homepage design

    Before starting a project, we discuss all details of the future design, including corporate identity, field of business and essential functions of the store. We carefully consider each of the store owner’s preferences.

    Homepage design

    We provide our clients with a graphic prototype of the homepage design and make sure they approve all the elements. After consideration of all aspects, we connect your store design with our technological platform. We also provide a responsive design solution for your store.

    Inner pages design

    All inner store pages will be displayed in your corporate colors and our elaborate layout will ensure your store's optimal functioning.

  • Personalized design of store inner pages

    The layout and features of all demo-pages are presented in our demo stores by default.

    If you have any considerations regarding your store’s inner page layout or design (product category, product page, cart, checkout or information pages, etc), please list all requests and our designers will implement all the necessary changes as an additional service.

    Project estimation

    We’re open to new challenges and can create software and design features specifically tailored to your needs.

    Online store page design

    Our designers can feel your project design requirements and fine-tune all the details to deliver exactly what you need from your online store.

  • Additional design services

    If you need any other design ideas for your online store, we would be happy to help you make them real.

    We provide our customers with such services as designing product pages and creating logos and banners. We can also introduce changes to interface element.

    Service price

    We approach every customer individually and charge for our design services $ 20 per hour.

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Create your online store with an exclusive design. Complete graphic adaptation of any chosen theme to your e-commerce identity.
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