• Store content management

    Our specialists will do the basic content settings for your online store. This service includes:

    Adding basic store data

    Store name, ”contact us” data, work schedule, “why choose us” information. Shipping and payment methods, e-mail notification, currency and rates. Shipping methods settings don’t include automatic synchronization with shipping companies.

    Store description information

    The main page text, shop description articles (About, Payments and shipping, Contact Us), and information mеnu.

  • Product management

    The theme is the basis of your website’s layout and the location of certain design categories. Further customization stages will tweak your online store user interface.

    Adding categories and vendors

    We create all the necessary categories and vendor elements for your online store. Premmerce offers up to 100 categories (from lower-level categories) and up to 10 vendors.

    Adding products

    We add the first 20 products to your website and set the structure of your online store in order to ensure it operates smoothly.

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