Company structure

Premmerce is a subsiduary of SiteImage, which has been working as an e-commerce software development company since 2006.
SiteImage has been in the web design and Internet marketing since October 18, 2006.
ImageCMS Shop
ImageCMS Shop is a content management system for online stores that has been developed by SiteImage team and is used as a framework for the Premmerce platform.

Premmerce Management Team

The satisfaction and success of our customers are the key values of our company.
If you have any questions about us, feel free to contact the Premmerce management team.
  • Ivan Pylypchuk
    Chairman & CEO
    Ivan Pylypchuk
  • Rodney Hooks
    EVP & Chief Global Business Dev Officer, US & EMEA
    Rodney Hooks
  • Olga Pylypchuk
    Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, US & EMEA
    Olga Pylypchuk
  • Andriy Shabat
    Vice President of Front-end
    Andriy Shabat
  • Andriy Gula
    Andriy Gula
  • Nikolay Malezkiy
    Senior Vice President Art Director
    Nikolay Malezkiy
  • Artur Manyukov
    Senior Vice President of Project Management
    Artur Manyukov
  • Yevhen Deyneka
    Senior Vice President of Client success
    Yevhen Deyneka

Company History

Premmerce is one of the premier hosted shopping cart and e-commerce platform. In continuous development for over 9 years, the Premmerce platform provides you with enterprise tools to manage every facet of your e-commerce business. Much more than a minor online store conduit, Premmerce integrates with your entire e-commerce business, including shopping cart, payment processing, marketing & affiliate management, shipping systems, product fulfillment, and accounting systems. Premmerce is the most powerful and flexible online commerce system available today.
  • 2006
    The founding of SiteImage
    In the beginning of its emergence Premmerce was developed as SiteImage specializing in the development of enterprise websites. During this emergence, the company and its founders was already known for its expertise in programming and designing.
  • 2007
    The company moved to its first official office space and recruited its first employees
    With the emergence of more enterprise clients and the sot after enterprise website talents of SiteImage/Premmerce. SiteImage hired more expert professionals to accommodate the growth of business.
  • 2008
    The company began development of ImageCMS, a more strategic platform for Enterprise corporate websites
    The company started scaling up its development of corporate websites and e-commerce. As The team grew and realized among existing website e-commerce systems, there wasn’t a solution that was flexible, time-efficient and e-commerce ready for the customer.
    As the team aimed at creating well-designed, flexible, time-efficient and ecommerce effective products. The decision was made to introduce a content management system, called ImageCMS into the SiteImage structure.
  • 2009
    The launch of the first version of ImageCMS
    With its first launch and deliver of an innovative powerful CMS solution to high-tech manufacturers, medium size businesses, Enterprises and Europe while constantly complementing these innovations with newly integrated features that broadened the value ImageCMS to its customers.
  • 2010
    The launch of the next version of ImageCMS to ImageCMS Shop with more emphasis on E-commerce and strategic creation of an Internet Marketing Department
    The company turned its focus in another direction; on the development of ecommerce strategies for customers.
    The team focused on these ecommerce strategies without taking its eye off the companies other products. With this strategy we positioned ourselves to gather 10% of the Ukrainian market. First of all, an Internet marketing department was created in order to promote our new products to customers. Secondly, the team of developers started to focus on сonversion rate optimization for ecommerce projects and the creation of ImageCMS Shop.
  • 2011
    The development of an outsourcing business model in the field of e­commerce and ImageCMS Shop sales
    2011 ImageCMS Shop takes its first confident steps and enjoys the acuisition of first happy customers. The number of the ImageCMS stores grows and the company develops a dynamic infrastructure for both developers and e-commerce entrepreneurs.
  • 2012
    The further development of ImageCMS Shop
    One year of developing online stores using a turnkey approach stimulated considerable growth, but we had to extend this model further for even better scalability.
    The development of a “package solution” strategy
    As a result, the management team made a decision to offer “package solutions.” The idea entailed the development of three perfectly designed solutions for online stores, each with different pricing skews. The customer is also offered the chance to make necessary changes within the suggested package solution in order to meet his business needs.
  • 2013
    The development of our “package solutions” strategy
    The package solutions strategy has significantly increased our production capacity, and the company started to scale immensely in the market. But we weren't finished adding features, we want to give the customer more.
    In general, professional online store creation is about providing a service and selling a product. So, with our next version of ImageCMS Shop we embedded features that would make the product user friendly for the customer; such as the launch of a new admin panel and a new approach to frontend development.
  • 2014
    Developing SaaS version and the launch of our stylization service
    The first step to scaling up the service of full-featured online store development was made due to an innovative approach to projecting and creating online store designs. Specially developed technology enabled the creation of 50 exclusively designed solutions of premium quality. They fall into 10 popular topical categories.
    We also began offering unique stylization service that enabled our customers to launch a full-featured online store reflecting the corporate identity of our customer and which could be created within one day (up to seven days with stylization). The fast launch gave us the ability to develop and implement an immediate marketing strategy aimed at increasing customers’ sales.
    The launch of Premmerce
    In order to encourage entrepreneurs to start their businesses online, we presented a personalized tool and created a SaaS version of ImageCMS Shop which we call Premmerce; it has some very unique features.
    We keep on improving our e-commerce solutions and provide our customers with a number of great services.
  • 2015
    Premmerce goes international
    The company enters the Western and US markets and at the same time developing its products dynamically and aiming at providing a full range of e-commerce instuments for the ultimate customer success by uniting best e-commerce professionals in the feilds of CRM, SEO, PPC and CRO.

Premmerce Team

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