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Although it is said that email has died as a marketing tool, in fact, it still stays afloat. Moreover, email is proven to be the best way to communicate with your customers or prospects, and it is a leader in advertising and promotions. The only thing needed is access to a person’s inbox.

Here are represented four ways to invest in email marketing:

1. Guiding email marketing

In order to minimize costs, many ecommerce merchants manage everything themselves. Doing everything without paid help noticeably reduces expenses and is often better than outsourcing or hiring an expert.

For the right guidance of your programs, however, you sometimes need an outsider’s opinion. Nowadays, there are many experienced and skilled professionals (designers, email, marketing experts, consultants, etc). It may be time to find an expert who can assist you.

Only Influencers community is a place where you can definitely select a well-qualified and knowledgeable professional for guiding and consulting in email marketing.

Guiding email marketing

2. Learn more by attending webinars and conferences

Being aware of new trends in email marketing and learning about problems similar to yours that other companies face can be a great inspiration for future ideas and can be a great way to discover new approaches to business. Make this year more educational. Allocate part of your budget and time for conferences and webinars to compile more information and knowledge that will help you develop

3. Launch a sophisticated platform

Nowadays, there are different marketing tools that can make your marketing platform more sophisticated. They are quite cheap and easy to exploit. Vertical Response, Constant Contact or MailChimp are platforms created to help you.
However, with business growth, you may need a marketing automation system, as email marketing tools can appear to be limited in their capabilities. To get to the next level, set an automation system for better communications. It will promote your business.

Despite the fact that there are enough platforms to choose from and which vary in their scope, budget, and capabilities. In order to pick up a platform that suits you and for best guidance, you can download a marketing consulting firm RedPillEmail.

Launch a sophisticated platform

4. Bump up your database

A huge factor in ecommerce marketing is a well-chosen database, since it is crucial to have a carefully selected source of email addresses to correspond to. And mainly, it can help you to achieve your desired aim and make your program more successful.

Try to refresh and increase your database from time to time. Or, at least, investigate the factors that can attract more customers and compose a promising base.

Ecommerce sites often skip one obviously significant element – they don’t give a visitor a chance to sign up for emails. That represents a huge mistake and missed opportunity.

So pay attention to these tips to boost subscribers on your site:

  1. Check the every page of your site to ensure that you have an email sign-up;
  2. Allow your customers to subscribe during the checkout process, but ensure they understand it;
  3. Use new tactics for your site visitors, such as pop-up captures, drawings or contests;
  4. Obtain new e-mail addresses by means of such tactics as co-branding and co-registration.

To determine what your subscribers will be like after, get to know a subscription acquisition service Opt-Intelligence. It may help you to increase your subscriber base with prospective customers, as well.


For the aforementioned reasons, email is still a very promising investment in comparison to other media channels. Don’t hesitate and follow the four tips above to build your own successful email program.

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