Amazing facts about online customer habits and behavior

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A United States study investigating online consumer habits and behavior found out many interesting facts that can be informative for merchants as well as consumers. According to the survey, more than 62% of US consumers shop online about once a month. These results prove that online shopping is becoming more and more popular. The survey also determined that more than 83% of all consumers were quite satisfied with their purchases and the online shopping experience in general.

There are some key aspects of online shopping that affect customer satisfaction. For instance, 81% of consumers reported satisfaction with easy checkout. Similar results were revealed when asked about their satisfaction with a variety and number of options, brands and products that were offered.
About 71% of shoppers said that they found a payment option that suited them. About 69% of consumers liked the feature of free or discount shipping. 62% of buyers were pleased with the ease of making returns and exchanges. However, only 58% of customers encountered the option to be consulted by a live customer representative.

In an attempt to urge consumers to purchase more, it is crucial to know the following results. 80% of all surveyed admitted that they are more likely to purchase something if offered free shipping. Additionally, 64% of shoppers like the idea of free returns and exchanges. Also important is that 60% of online shoppers were motivated to buy a product after receiving a promotion or incentive from a brand.
‘Shopping carts’ play a very important role in purchasing. But all customers use them in different ways. Little more than half (58%) load up the carts intending to buy a product. For 19% of prospective customers, shopping carts serve as a wish list. Some consumers try to receive free perks by loading up their carts. If the aim failed, more than 11% abandoned the carts and didn’t try to finish shopping.

According to the survey, nowadays more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online. It was determined that nearly 60% of them prefer shopping on tablets while 50% purchase on their smartphones. Unfortunately, many companies do not pay proper attention to ensure their stores work properly on such devices as tablets or smartphones, resulting in 61% and 55% customer satisfaction with the ability to purchase through tablet and smartphone applications, respectively.

Only a small amount of people spend time to find the desired product at the lowest price. Just 36% of online customers reported their persistence to find the cheapest price. As well, only 33% of surveyed admitted that they used coupons provided by stores to buy a product.
The most striking fact is that 78% of shoppers do not look at a product before purchasing. The survey also found that almost 31% of consumers expect to spend more on online shopping the next month than they did during the previous one.

There are also a few interesting facts that you should know to increase customers or prospects on your store. It is commonly known that social networks play a huge role in our lives. But did you know that over 84% of all surveyed refer to one or more social media sites before purchasing online? The leader of online shopping recommendations is Facebook (77%). Then come Twitter (26%), LinkedIn(22%), Pinterest(18%), and Google Plus(17%).

The most purchased items online are electronics (69%), clothes and apparel (63%), and books (67%). Before opening an online store, take notice that other products aren’t so often bought through the Internet. Only 20% of consumers usually purchase sporting goods, pet supplies and food online. The similar situation is with household goods (38%), office supplies (30%) and consumer packaged goods (28%).

Since satisfied customers are an apparent source of your good mood and profit, take into account the results of the survey and improve your business to get only positive feedback.

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