How to engage B2B buyers in ecommerce

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How to engage B2B buyers in ecommerce

Nowadays B2B buyers are less constrained than they were 10 years ago. Even enterprise companies are trying to decrease their costs, simplify purchasing processes and increase the number of online purchasing without invoice or traditional orders.
The idea of an e-commerce experience that resembles purchasing consumer goods appeals B2B buyers more. So B2C online websites are becoming a popular purchasing place among B2B buyers. Statistically speaking, 82% of surveyed buyers prefer making purchases on Amazon’s consumer website to Amazon Business.

Statistical data

The research, conducted by the Forrester firm, ascertained that 32% of enterprise buyers purchased online and more than half of business products or equipments were bought on the Internet as well. About 53% of buyers expect that they will purchase online more in 2018. Small businesses make purchases online more frequently since they don’t have strict purchasing rules.
There are several reasons that make purchasing online so convenient. First of all, online stores are open 24 hours a day. It’s also easy and fast to complete the transaction. Businesses often use online websites for a product research even if they are not going to purchase online. For example, 63% of respondents researched some of their business purchases online. Moreover, 70% of companies said that had researched a product mostly on a search engine but made their purchases mainly on industry distributor websites (30%) or manufacturer sites (26%).
37% of respondents prefer researching on websites with a wide product selection, while 28% of buyers choose easy-to-use sites. The other 31% of buyers are inclined to purchase on sites that provide detailed product descriptions. So if you would like buyers to choose your products, remember to provide more product details on your website.

Mobile shopping

The Forrester survey found out that 52% of B2B buyers prefer researching on smartphones. Therefore, it’s quite crucial for both B2B and B2C optimize website work on mobile devices to enable users to make their purchases in the mentioned way. Since more employees with purchasing rights tend to buy in their homes or somewhere on the road, using portable devices, mobile purchases are increasing and expected to grow more in the near future.
Today the rising generation, called millenials, comprises a large proportion of business purchasers and their number is expected to increase all the time. These buyers are quite impatient concerning long sales processes. Thus, accommodating their buying habits is a necessity of each business.

Customer loyalty

B2B buyers strive to get a flawless purchase, lowest prices and easy-to-use sites that prompt them to repurchase or become frequent customers.
Another survey ‘Mastering Omni-channel B2B Customer Engagement’, conducted by the Forrester firm, found that B2B companies are more inclined to repeatedly purchase from the same sellers if all products and prices are listed online. If merchants track buyers’ purchases and offer personalized recommendations, customer loyalty grows as well.

Recommendations for the B2B sale

Nowadays customers have more freedom in a product research or purchasing online. This is thanks to product information on the Internet and ability to use self-service for ordering. Noncontact purchasing process is becoming more and more popular that should prompt you to start selling online to both B2C and B2B buyers.

  • To make the B2B sale online successful, follow the following steps:
  • Fill the site with a detailed relevant content that will be interesting to all your prospective clients and accessible on all sales channels
  • Make videos and graphics to represent your products
  • Enable buyers to chat to a salesperson online in case they have more questions about a product. It also appeals customers more than calling.
  • Track and monitor your buyers’ preferences and behavior that helps you predict conversions, increase purchases and, if needed, make changes to buying process.
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