5 signs that show that there is something wrong with your online shop

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Even if you have already created an online shop with beautiful design and wide functions spectrum, you should never stop improving it. Particular attention should be paid to web analytics, with use of which you can understand what has to be done and developed.
Let’s have a look at a few obvious features, which indicate that there is something wrong with your online store and that it’s time to think over its upturn.

Indexation problems

You can permanently add new products to the goods lists and other types of pages on your website, as well as promote shares. But all of this make no sense when not seen in the finders index.

The problem here can be the great amount of non-unique content on your website, nonoptimized goods cards and a lot of doubles. Adding nice descriptions on the goods pages, creating a section with articles on the same subject and eliminating duplicates will greatly increase the indexation of your e-seller.

Absence of reviews

It has been proven by extensive research that any comments cause impact on conversion. When reviewed, online-shops have more trust from their clients, as people always pay attention to the opinions of others. That is why it is of great importance to make your visitor leave a comment on the product’s page.
You have to make commenting easy: minuses are obligatory registration, CAPTCHA or just inconvinience.

High refusals index

This is a very important factor for a merchant website. This means that the greater part of visitors attracted is not converted into clients. By making this index lower, you can sell more using the same costs and invitations rate.
The reason for this can be bad design, tangled navigation, low-quality pictures and poor goods descriptions, complex forms and other purchase obstacles.

Nonselling traffic

What should you do if context commercial runs, Top's positions and invitations rate are high but these are not reflected in yur sales? The answer is to look up what is wrong with your website. Helpful in this case are Google Analytics and Yandex Webvisor.
Here you should pay attention to visitors’ trust rate for your website (for example, you can add pages with guaranties and delivery conditions), obligatory registration to make a purchase (this is usually a minus), limited choice of delivery and payment methods, costs that are far too high, etc. Think over the possible options and remove the found problems.

Abandoned baskets

This is the name for chopped transactions, when a client doesn’t want to finish his purchase but has already added a product to the basket. This problem is topical for all online shops, but sometimes its percentage is particularly high.
The main reasons for clients purchase refusals are:

  • distracted attention from the buying process;
  • high general purchase sum;
  • the same product is found for much lower price;
  • difficult navigation and websites mistakes;
  • doubts in payment comission security;
  • long and complicated purchase process.

Everything listed above should be removed from your website. Just commit time to analysis, and you will find out how many things you can improve in your online shop.

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