Lead generation, segmentation and e-mail marketing

Enhance customer loyalty, increase average purchase total and number of orders with the help of our elaborate solutions.

Increase your customer data base
Increase your customer data base

Apply the newest technology to increase your registered customer base and boost your sales:

  • Quick registration option (name and e-mail);
  • Static lead generation form creation;
  • Pop-ups creation for lead generation;
  • Pop-up creation for users who want to leave the store or their cart.
Personalization and segmentation


A wide range of segmentation and personalization options will provide you with information on user activity in your store.

  • User segmentation option by all parameters provided by analytics;
  • User segment creation option used for personalized e-mail campaigns;
  • User data review option available and provided for detailed analytics on every user and user group.
Personalization and segmentation
E-mail marketing
E-mail marketing


Manage your e-mail marketing campaigns and increase sales

  • Flexible setup of trigger-based messages (during registration, checkout or order status);
  • Automatic e-mail campaigns for different user groups;
  • Automatic "you might also like" messages aimed to boost repeat customer number;
  • Abandoned cart management ensured by automatic reminders aiming at keeping the customer engaged;
  • Detailed analysis of e-mail marketing campaigns;
  • A/B testing for different types of letters.
Recommened products generation

The recommended products generation feature is aimed at increasing store conversion. This module analyzes your customer behavior and automatically supplies them with the best offers in the following categories:

  • Product list by category;
  • Recommended products on each product page;
  • Site search;
  • E-mail marketing campaigns based for recommended products.
Recommened products generation
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