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Grow profits and increase your conversions with the help of pinpoint analytics

Analyzing online store content  
Tools for internal merchandising
Tools for internal merchandising

Find out which key pages influence your sales the most and what can be done to increase conversion.

Analyze the following data:

  • Number of links to the product page from the main page banners, special offers and reviewed products sections;
  • Product list placement and its influence on transactions;
  • Transactions from the lists to different product pages;
  • Onsite search usage.
Analysis of the key products, categories and brand features:
  • turnover;
  • number of refunds;
  • unique purchases;
  • number of products added to the cart;
  • number of purchases;
  • number of completed orders;
  • average price;
  • number of products added or deleted from the cart;
  • average number;
  • number of submitted orders.
Analysis of the key products, categories and brand features:
Sales pipeline analyzis
Sales pipeline analyzis

Analyze customer activity before final purchase considering the following stages and costs:

  • All sessions;
  • Sessions with product views;
  • Sessions with adding products to the cart;
  • Sessions proceeded to checkout;
  • Sessions with the completed orders.
Checkout stage analyzis

Analyze your store checkout page considering the following points:

  • Entering main contact details;
  • Entering additional contact details;
  • Shipping option selection;
  • Payment method selection;
  • Order.
Checkout stage analyzis
Analyzing your social buttons activity
Analyzing your social buttons activity

Review social media buttons clicks which enable customers to share store content on social networks. Do the same for newsletter and group buttons. And also consider the clickthrough rate on each online store page. This data will help understand which activities bring the most buyers.

Premium: automatic recommendations

The Premium pricing plan includes automatic recommendations to improve your advertising channel and customer behavior performance together with tips on how to place your store products more effectively.

Traffic and advertising investment analyses 
Identify profitable marketing channels
Identify profitable marketing channels

Determine which marketing tools and channels afford the best results.

  • Highest turnover rates;
  • Best/worst conversions;
  • Most/least expensive purchases;
  • Most registered users;
  • Most viewed pages;

Track multichannel conversions: Which channels bring the most direct purchases and which have the least influence on associated conversions.

Compare customer acquisition cost and your turnover generated from different channels.

Ringostat call tracking software

Advanced users are offered the Ringostat call tracking software, which analyzes calls and helps evaluate your marketing tools. Learn which keywords attract your target customers and which advertising campaigns are the most effective.

Ringostat call tracking software
Your customer behavior analysis 
Earn more profit per store visitor
Earn more profit per store visitor

Comparing the users who have made a purchase with those who haven’t will provide you with the information you need to retain your customers. Which sessions result in more sales: first or repeated?

  • Bounce rate differences;
  • Length of session and its influence on purchase decision;
  • Number of pages viewed before order submission;
  • Countries and cities which bring the most profit;
  • Languages spoken by most of your customers;
  • Browsers and operating systems used by your customers;
  • Age and sex of your customers;
  • Devices mostly used by your customers when making a purchase;
Increase repeat purchases

Track your most important metrics needed to stimulate customers to make a purchase:

  • Average purchase size;
  • Number of purchases per customer;
  • Purchase total per customer.
Increase repeat purchases
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